how to protect your smartphone

Smartphones have lately become a necessity to almost all adults. And, we all know how these devices are worthy. I mean, like now the rumor has it that the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 may cost around $110. And so, it is your responsibility to ensure you take good care of them to last longer else you be ready to spend more dollars on another one soon. Here are a few tips on how you should keep your smart gadget safe;

Enhance its memory

Most devices come with enough storage, but it also depends on the user, that’s the number of Apps and files you will have in it. However, if you feel that you want to download more and especially if you’re a game lover, you can always upgrade your phone memory by adding an external memory. Some gadgets will come with memory cards, or you can buy one from the accessories stores. Installing too many Apps on your phone without enough memory may slow its performance. With more memory your device will run more smoothly, this is crucial for some applications and games, for example live streaming services like live casino online games requires a lot of power from your mobile

Buy protector

Protect your phone from damages that are caused by accidents. You can do this by covering both the back of your phone and the screen. Get quality back cover and a glass screen protector, and you won’t have to worry when your phone falls on hard ground. Again make sure your phone is insured in case it falls into the water and is not waterproof.

Download Apps from Google Play and Apps store only

Always download apps only from Google Play for Androids or Apps store for iPhones. The two apps offer screened apps and so safe for your phone. Again, they have reviews whereby you can read the rating of a particular app before downloading it.

Update your device regularly

Keep checking whether there is any new update for your phone and update it regularly. Keep the update alert on so that you can update all the Apps that require to be updated. Be extra careful when you’re using mobile banking or shopping online, not to expose your details to scammers. To avoid this never use an open Wi-Fi while doing so or ensure you have the internet security software installed on your phone to encrypt your data.

Lock it with a strong password

Create a secure password to lock your device instead of using a pattern. Also, you can have a password for some of your essential files as well as apps. Lock your sim card as well to protect your data.

If you maintain your phone well, you will be smiling even when the time to resell it and upgrade to a different one comes. It’ll be still valuable, and more so you will also enjoy having it. Other than the above tips, have a tracker of your phone and its details such as serial numbers with you to be able to trace it in case of theft.