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It seems so easy to write for a blog or newsletter and make money. And it kind of is when you actually know what you’re doing. Like with most things, those that are successful simply make it look easy. The reality is that you have to have some understanding of the industry to be successful.

People are paying you to write, but not just to put words on a page. It is to help them make money. Figuring out how to help them make money through your words is what will keep you working for a long time to come.

In this article, I will give you an outline of how to become a successful copywriter so you can make a living.

1 – Help solve problems

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Most people spending money are looking to solve a problem when they buy a certain product or service. So, companies create these products or services to help them solve their problem and make money that way.

It’s your job to help people understand that this is the best product or service to help them solve that problem. It doesn’t mean that you have to persuade them to do something they don’t want. It simply means that you have to help them understand and let them decide.

For instance, if you are writing for a Bitcoin publication, then the question a visitor to the site will have is generally “how can I buy bitcoin in India?”. Your job is not just to tell them where they can, but make a case for your client to be their choice.

2 – Use a formula

Before your potential reader will arrive at the logical conclusion that they should try the product that you are promoting there is a good chance they will leave the page. This is because most writers don’t know how to engage their audience.

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The formula to use to make sure that your reader becomes a customer is simple. The first part should get their attention. Give them a few sentences that entices them to read more by presenting an attention grabber.

After that, you have to show them that you understand the problem they are having. Give an example of how something similar happened to you.

Then let them know that you have the best solution and you know it’s the best because you are an expert in this field. Lastly, give them the solution. By the time they get to the end of the text, they understand that they need this product or service.

End the entire text with a call to action. You need to let them know what to do next. That can be signing up for an email to learn more which puts them in the sales funnel, or it can be to make a purchase at that moment.

3 – Know your audience

The better you understand the audience that you are writing for, the better you can use the correct language that will resonate with them.

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Some may need it to be technical and to the point. Others may want it more casual and to tell a story that they can relate to. Make sure to research the person who is most likely to be reading and then craft your writing around that.