Whenever it comes to spending a lot of time in the bedroom, the one and only thing that may be more uncomfortable for a man than not really being capable of performing or  “performing” a little quickly. This is especially true if the woman is more experienced than the male.

The uncomfortable nature of this encounter is not at all unusual; in point of fact, it happens rather frequently. There is a wide range of estimates on the percentage of men who will experience signs of premature ejaculation at a certain point in their lives; nevertheless, some research revealed that up to 30% of men would experience these symptoms at a certain point in their lives.

You can use different methods, including delay spray, to perform well in bed; check out these tips-

How to Last Longer In Bed: 10 Tips for Men to Last Longer

Here;s how you can last longer in bed with these tips.

1. Diversion 

Divert your attention away from yourself. When you are on the verge of reaching your climax, you can put off having an orgasm by diverting your attention to anything else at the moment. Take a moment to calm down by taking a deep breath and concentrating on something which is not “sexy.”

2. Breathing Exercises

Develop your ability to exert control over yourself by practicing various breathing techniques. Relax your breathing and concentrate on the rhythm of your chest as you inhale and exhale. Inhaling and exhaling at a slow and even pace will assist in maintaining a healthy heart rate while also allowing you to concentrate on what you are thinking.

3. Try Delay Spray

You can use a delay spray that will help you last longer when having sexual intercourse. These sprays increase the ejaculation time and help you in enjoying the best s*x.  You must try delay spray to last longer.

4. Go Slow 

Rapid thrusting produces intense stimulation, and it may increase your chances of having an orgasmic experience after a brief period of time. Make an effort to move at a slower speed, and take frequent short breaks to ensure that you are moving as slowly as possible.

5. Edging 

Edging is similar to biofeedback, but it does not involve medical practitioners. During the process of edging, you will engage in masturbation until you are on the verge of ejaculating, at which point you will cease all forms of stimulation. In order for you to avoid unwelcome and untimely ejaculating, it is important that you familiarise yourself with your sexual desire and that you do so in a way that is pleasant for you.

6. Foreplay 

If you want to bridge the orgasm gap and boost your sexual happiness, starting with fingerplay, oral s*x, or simply asking your spouse what they love is a terrific method to do so. One such strategy is for them to switch sexual positions to ones that they find more enjoyable. This is particularly true for heterosexual couples because there is typically a time difference in how long it takes men and women to complete.

7. Masturbate Before S*x

If you masturbate before you have sexual activity, your body will be less sensitive to the effects of sexual stimulation, which will allow you to have more fun for a longer period of time. It’s possible that you won’t know how long you should masturbate before having s*x without putting in some time and effort to figure it out on your own. So if you masturbate immediately before engaging in sexual activity, it may be difficult to achieve and maintain an erection for a short period of time afterward.

8. Take a Break 

Taking breaks during intercourse is a simple and effective way to slow down the pace of s*x, savor the moment, and enhance the level of mutual satisfaction you and your partner experience from the experience. This is provided that you do not have any other obligations that require your immediate attention. When it seems as though things are coming to a conclusion too quickly, pause what you’re doing and do something that gives you some additional time.

9. Kegel Exercises

You have definitely heard of Kegel exercises by now. These are exercises that assist build up the muscles in your pelvic floor, which then, in turn, increases the likelihood that you will have an orgasmic experience. It has been discovered that the same workouts can aid in the treatment of premature ejaculation in males.

10. Visualization

The technique of employing mental visual representations to put yourself into a specific scenario or location, such as a calm space free of any problems, is called visualization. Visualization techniques, when used correctly, can assist you in becoming more relaxed, which, in turn, may make it simpler for you to manage premature ejaculation. Certain mental pictures may also serve as diversions, allowing you to lessen the mental stimulation caused by s*x and increase your performance while engaged in sexual activity.

You can really rely on a delay spray, as these sprays can help you stimulate the sexual area. That will lead you to have a joyful and longer sexual time with your partner. You can easily purchase such delay spray online. Also, check proper ways of using a delay spray.