Birthday Celebration in Lockdown

Staying inside home is the safest option during these challenging days. But over you cannot stop time and the coming of special occasions like birthdays,anniversaries etc. Generally, On birthday everyone loves to hang out with friends, have a party outside, order food from outside, or go for a trip. But in quarantine, all this seems like the episodes of the past years.

So here are some videos from worldwide showing how people celebrating their birthdays in quarantine

  1. This video is uploaded by caters clip on their youtube channel. He is Aaron Jarboe a writer and graphic designer from Los Angeles, California. He was turned 36 in this 10 April 2020 but wasn’t able to do anything to celebrate it. Jarboe celebrated his birthday with Alexa, commanding her to sing happy birthday songs for him.


2. This video is published by CTV News channel. A Quebec Police officer surprised 12 years old boy. They went to his house to celebrate his birthday. Have a look.


3. A bunch of Kingman Police Department and Fire officers surprised 5 years old boy on his birthday during COVID-19 quarantine. They also sang “Happy Birthday” for him.


4. Here is another video by the state channel. This 15th years old girl’s family and a friend have a surprise drive-by-birthday party. She was shocked to see his friends and family coming to her house to wish her like this. In a way to cheer her, they did not break the isolation of social distancing.

5. Charlie seems so excited for his birthday. Charlie’s parents canceled his hot wheels themes 5th birthday party because of COVID-19. But they invited their close friends and family for a drive-by house party. Video uploaded by “The Oregonian”.


6. This video melts my heart. So this video is of Kathleen Byrne of Syracuse, new york. She was celebrating her 95th birthday. All her family members come to wish her. Video credit goes to “Good Morning America”