Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence progresses extremely fast than you think. In 2018 nearly 18 % of the 9100 patents received by the IBM inventors were related to Artificial Intelligence. Computers or robots successfully getting over the control of the planet away from human beings. Today we have much power in our pockets compared to our homes in the early 1990s. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a mesmerizing invention of science fiction for years, but according to many researchers, we’re moving very close to make AI a reality.

In 2019, Artificial Intelligence is developing faster more than one could ever be expected. We might see more action of AI in our day-to-day life very soon. Even though AI technology is in a rudimentary stage of evolution, it will surely become very advanced and may impact our day to day life.

Artificial Intelligence is essential for the future for many reasons :

Artificial Intelligence

1) Replacing Humans in Dangerous Jobs

There are many dangerous jobs in the world like bomb-defusing which is extremely risk of life. Drones took over the humans and are being used as physical correlative to diffuse the bombs. As these drones require humans to control, we would probably see AI Integration replacing humans to function these machines.

2) Autonomous Transportation

Autonomous vehicles can guide themselves without the help of humans. They will take over humans in the future where computers completely handle driving vehicles. Even though it would take a few more years to see perfect autonomous vehicles, they will surely replace humans in driving one day.

3) Healthcare

With the existence of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, diseases are diagnosed more accurately and quickly. Virtual nursing assistants check the progress and big data analysis creates a better experience of patients. AI and machine learning are in the best possible position to change clinical workflows.

4) Taking Over Humans in Customer Service

AI is gonna transform customer care service.  Google is working on an AI assistant, that can have conversations in real life with strangers and would make appointments of humans.

5) Climate Change

Machines have more access to data which can store an overwhelming number of statistics than one person ever could. With the help of big data analysis, AI will give solutions to the major problems in the world identifying the trends.

6) Better Eldercare

AI is gonna soon replace the need of outsiders or family members to manage the care of elders. Home robots could come into existence which will play a major role in helping elders to stay independent by performing everyday tasks of elders.

7) Friendly Robots

It’s not too far that we would see friendly robots talking to us. Though most robots are emotionless at this stage of life, we could see robots who can feel and understand emotions in the future.

The machines we use on a day to day life are getting advanced in a way that Artificial Intelligence is no more futuristic technology. In reality, AI is impacting our much more than we realize. Banks are using AI to detect fraud.AI is even used on flights by air traffic controllers, police forces using AI to detect suspects from the unclear images.

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