people doing holika dahan 2022 ritual
Holika dahan 2022

History of holika dahan

Holi has arrived, and we can’t help but be excited. The much awaited festival is greeted with great enthusiasm all around the country. Holika Dahan, also known as Choti Holi, is an important part of this festival. The statue of a mythological demon named Holika is burned in this ancient ritual. It is a significant rite that takes place before Holi. According to the Hindu calendar, it is observed on the full moon night of the Phalgun month. It’s a manner of honouring Lord Vishnu’s victory against Holika, according to legend.

Shubh Muhurat (according to Drikpanchang)

Holika Dahan Muhurat: 9:06 pm to 10:16 pm on March 17 (1 hour, 10 minutes)

Bhadra Punchha: 9:06 pm to 10:16 pm

Bhadra Mukha: 10:16 pm on March 17 to 12:10 am on March 18

Holika Dahan sunset: 6:32 pm on March 17 — Pradosh (the period after sunset) begins

Purnima Tithi: 1:29 pm on March 17 to 12:47 pm on March 18

Holika Dahan 2022 Pujan Samagri

  • a bowl full of water
  • Upla made from cow dung
  • roli
  • akshat
  • Incense sticks and incense
  • Flower
  • raw cotton
  • raw turmeric
  • Whole lentils (moong)
  • tael/oil
  • Gulal
  • Coconut
  • Any new crop (like wheat)

Holika Dahan 2022 Puja Vidhi

Collect all the worship materials at one place and keep it. After this, clean the place where Holika Dahan is to be done. While worshiping, sit facing north or east. Then make idols of Holika and Prahlad from cow dung. After this, offer all the things kept in the plate in Holika Puja. Offer sweets and fruits in it. And After that worship Lord Narasimha. In the end, walk all the way round to 7 times around the Holika.

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