Teddy day is a fourth day of the valentine week. We celebrate it at 10 feb every year , On this special day of teddy Day, young people give their beloved a lovely and attractive teddy gift. Teddy is a very soft toy which is very eye catching and lovely and it can make anyone heart happy.

Teddy Day 2020 Wishes

If you were a teddy , then we would have kept it with us. Put your hand in the jholi with your hug and sleep with us every night.



( ‘ o ‘ )



Happy Teddy Bear Day

To My Cutest Wife,
Who Is My Life,This Teddy Bear Is A Sign,
That You Will Be Forever Mine.


I wish that beautiful moment will come in my life too, as
soon as I get my teddy fest, someone will love me too
Happy Teddy Day


Nowadays, we smile at seeing every Teddy,

How to tell them that
We see them in every Teddy
Happy Teddy Day
They had the desire to cry,
they were rainy.
We wanted to give them Teddy to celebrate
Teddy Day that night came
Happy Teddy Day

Teddy Day 2020 Images

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