Friendship Day is celebrated on 2nd Aug every year. To celebrate this special day of friendship, Friends wishs each other and also give gifts. As we all know, friends are a special part of life. So on this special day, make them realize their importance by sending them loving messages, status, and gifts.

Friendship Day Wishes and Quotes

Try ever

Do not let you down

We will sacrifice all our happiness,

But will not let you smile

Happy friendship day

How can I say that you are not my life,

Man will make the world cry for you,

But never let you cry


The heart is full of dreams,

The completion is still dutiful,

Everything in this world is wonderful

Because life is like you friend

Is colorful

Happy friendship day 2020

If someone wants to tell this much,

If someone takes you so badly, then tell me,

Everyone will do friendship with you,

Tell me if someone plays like us.

People see wealth,

We see respect,

People see the floor,

We see the journey,

People make friends,

We play him….

happy friendship day

Every day my heart is alone,

Every single moment is incomplete without it,

Someone remembers someone forgets,

But every friend is important.

Happy Freindship Day to all of you

Thorns are not taught to prick

Flowers are not taught to bloom

Someone becomes you, your friend

No one is made his own.

The song is needed in the festival,

Love is needed in the heart,

Life is incomplete without a friend

Because a friend is needed every moment.

Happy friendship day

Kashmiris also find an edge in the storm

People also get support in the world

Life is the most beautiful in the world

Some friends like you also get love from life.

Who will calculate my laughter,

Who will forgive my mistake,

O God, keep my friend safe,

Otherwise, who will do ‘lungi dance’ in my wedding…

Some Aftab have asked for these blinds,

In Dua, we have asked for something special,

Whenever I asked for something,

You have asked for happy moments.

Happy Friendship Day