hansika motwani leaked shower video

A shocking nude bathing video of an unknown girl or we can say lookalike of actress Hansika Motwani has been leaked on the net, which is now spreading like wildfire on digital platforms. The video is being shared extensively on WhatsApp as the less than good quality video makes it difficult to identify the face of the woman in the clip being shared on social media.

The video seems like it was taken without the consent of the woman in the style the video has been shot. The hidden camera video has become the hushed talk of the town while the folks from the film industry and fans have wiped the video aside because the video is clearly not of their beloved actress.

There are some who blame Hansika Motwani of leaking the video herself before her upcoming movie maga maharaja and vaalu who is set to release on 27 feb and 14th mar respectively. They accusations on the actress blame her of resorting to trashy ways of getting back in the spot light.This is not the first time that Motwani has been in news over leaked clips. Earlier, her private party pictures with her ex-beau Simbu had hit the internet world through backdoor. But the pictures were not in bad taste and hence did not cause much trouble for the herione.

Though it is not clear if it is Hansika, the actress has not been available to make any comments on the leaked video.