Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge biography
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Have you ever wondered who had discovered caffeine? Friedlib Ferdinand Runge , the famous Analytical Chemist of Germany who discovered caffeine Today is his 225th birthday.

Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge biography
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Remembering Friedlib Birth Date

Born Feb. 8, 1795, Hamburg [Germany]—died March 25, 1867, Oranienburg, Prussia [Germany])

Why Google Doodle is Remembering Friedlib Ferdinand Runge

Google has remembered them by creating a doodle on this occasion.

Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge's Google Doodle
Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge’s Google Doodle

Today on February 8th, 2019, Google Doodle celebrates Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge, a German analytical chemist whose place in history resulted in large part from an accident followed by a chance encounter.

Friedlieb Ferdinand Accidental Experiment

He also discovered the charcoal. Apart from this, he is known for many searches. Friedlib used the effect of Bildona’s plant juice on the eyes to know the effect of this on cornea. He discovered chromatography and found the method of separating sugars from beet juice i.e. beetroot juice.

After 10 years, when he was studying under the supervision of Chemist Johann Wolfgang at Jenna University, he was asked to experiment with Beldona again. One of his professors noticed his experiment and encouraged him to analyze coffee. A few months later, the Friedlib Ferdinand identified caffeine.

Runge’s completed his doctorate from Berlin University and taught at Breslau University until 1831. His most famous inventions include the process of dying clothes with the first bitumen dye. He is also one of the first scientists to separate quinine (the drug used for the treatment of malaria).

Runge’s has also discovered the paper chromatography (an initial technique to isolate chemical substances). With this, he has prepared a method to remove sugar from beetroot juice.

Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge Family ,Wife and Children

Runge was never married

Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge Death and Cause

After a short illness, Friedlieb died in his residence in Oranienburg on March 25, 1867, where he was buried in the municipal cemetery. No Cause of death was is on record.

Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge Bio

Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge  Born He was born on February 8th, 1794 in Hamburg, Germany
Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge Died He died on March 25th, 1867 (aged 73) in Oranienburg, Germany
Residence Germany
Nationality German
Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge  Education University of Jena, University of Berlin
Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge  Scientific career
Institutions University of Berlin, University of Breslau
Doctoral advisor Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner