Often women think the most about what men see in them at the primary site. Men see many things in women, including her looks and how she presents herself. By default, women are more conscious when they are around men as they love to be adored for their several traits. The reality of the matter is that men tend to be quite direct in their indications about what they feel about a woman.

The things men tend to notice in a woman at first are:



eyes lady
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A person’s eyes speak a lot about themselves as eyes are the first point of contact. Men ideally set their sights on woman’s eyes first as they are enchanting and speak volumes about her approach to life and personality.


smiling girl
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It is one of the most awaited aspects of a woman. Anyone would love to be near a gorgeous smile. It is a fact that a woman’s smile is one of the most enchanting things.


blond hairs
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is one of the features that can’t go unnoticed as hair magnifies a woman’s beauty. Hair is a feature that makes a woman attractive. Though what sorts of hair turn a man on remains a mystery.


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Almost all women think that breasts are the first thing men set their eyes on, but in reality, men sigh the breasts after the eyes and smile. As per research, it can be said that men look at women’s chest as a natural phenomenon.


sexy legs
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It isn’t a surprising fact to know that men find a woman’s leg attractive. The level of attractiveness varies from man to man. A woman’s legs can enhance her beauty. Furthermore, thighs and breasts are a part of external beauty only.

Thus, these are some things that men to notice at first sight in a woman which woo them.

*Be aware while reading this article maybe someone is staring at you????*

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