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Amongst the children out there, thumb sucking is considered to be a very regular habit. This mostly happens when teething happens, and children feel the urge to suck something as they feel irritated, and hence, thumb sucking happens.

Why do some children indulge in thumb sucking?

Dentist in Mohali

Babies indulge in thumb sucking because babies go through natural rooting and sucking reflexes, which causes the babies to put their thumbs inside their mouths. Thumb sucking helps the babies to feel secure. However, there are some babies out there who get a habit of sucking, especially when they are sleepy.

For How Long Does the Thumbing Last?

Dentist in Mohali

Thumb sucking is a very natural process, and babies stop doing it on their own. Often the sucking of the thumb stops by one year or maximum when the baby turns three. Post that, if the baby is still indulging in sucking of the thumb, then it is alarming, and one should visit the Dentist in Mohali. It is generally said that if the child is undergoing stress, they resume back to the habit of thumb sucking.

When is there a need to visit a dentist in Mohali?

Until your child’s permanent teeth arrive, thumb sucking is not considered an issue at all. However, once the child’s permanent teeth arrive, and if the baby continues to suck his or her thumb, then this can cause problems. Thumb sucking can go on to affect the rood of the mouth or palates.

Before visiting a doctor, you indeed can openly talk to your child about his or her habit of thumb sucking. However, even if this does not work, then you surely should take the next step of taking professional help and seeking a doctor’s advice.


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