DRDO's Covid drug ready

New Delhi: The Covid vaccine, developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), will be available from Monday. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will inaugurate the event by distributing 10,000 doses to some hospitals in Delhi.

Covid is being treated with 2-Dioxy-D-Glucose, or 2-DG, a drug developed by the DRDO Lab in collaboration with Reddy’s Laboratories. The Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) had given permission for emergency use in the country.

The drug showed excellent results in two- and three-stage clinical trials. The drug was found to be effective in reducing the hospital stay of Covid patients and reducing their oxygen dependence. The drug is available in powder form and can be taken with water.

2-DG is one of the few drugs used to reduce the severity of the disease in the absence of a specific drug for the treatment of Covid. The new drug is expected to bring great relief to India, which has reported more than three lakh cases and thousands of deaths in the last few weeks in the second wave of Covid.

English Summary : 10,000 Packets Of DRDO’s Anti-Covid Oral Drug To Be Distributed