It’s an obvious fact that stars love to spend their cash in various ways. It’s normal for well-known individuals to buy everything in the extravaganza, from vehicles to land, to other properties. Certain celebrities bet away their income at gambling clubs and poker competitions. People these days can bet easily on online casino in India.A portion of Hollywood’s greatest film stars have reportedly been dependent on betting, including Ben Affleck, Charlie Sheen, and Tobey Maguire. Female big names dependent on betting include on-screen character Shannon Elizabeth, who is a poker master.

The rundown includes a large number of who may astound you while some may appear to a lesser extent a disclosure. A few VIPs are even considered “aces” at betting and are known to progress nicely, nearly making it a subsequent vocation. In any case, for most big-name players, the misfortunes are incredible on all levels: monetarily, expertly and socially. Who is genuinely dependent on betting and who appears to have an idea about it? Which famous people are the champs and who are the failures? The main concern is that we realize the chances in betting are never truly for the player. Most big names love burning through cash on their different lavish wants, including betting. There are in excess of a couple of celebrities who love turning the roulette wheel or put their acting aptitudes under a magnifying glass on poker. Countless of these stars are novices who accept betting as a pastime and wind up losing a ton of cash because of their dependence on it. Here is a rundown of top big names who like to bet:

Tiger Woods – Tiger Woods was acquainted with Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan, both of whom are hot shots who make the most of their betting and maybe, that is the point at which Woods’ very own betting dependence issues surfaced. Woods turned into an ordinary at the Mansion, a club for hot shots at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, where he was given a $1 million dollar wagering limit and routinely played blackjack at $25,000 a hand. ABC news has stated that, as indicated by an obscure Vegas dance club source, Woods would consistently demand his table to be loaded up with, “hot gathering” young ladies.


Tobey Maguire – Interestingly enough, 36-year-old Maguire has done quite a bit of his betting openly. In 2011, the Spiderman star was one of a few famous people sued for taking part in a multi-million dollar illicit betting ring. As per the suit, Maguire won more than $300,000.00 worth of unlawful assets. Maguire is evidently an extremely gifted Texas Hold’Em player, and won the $300,000 at mystery poker online games in New York. In 2011 he was sued for taking an interest in an unlawful ring.


Gladys Knight – She is known as the ‘Sovereign of Soul’. In “Between Each Line of Pain and Glory: My Life Story” vocalist Gladys Knight expounded on her multi-year betting habit with baccarat and sports wagering. However, all through her profession she evaded and abstained from getting guided into the universe of medications and liquor, she didn’t figure out how to keep away from the betting trap. She adored games wagering, yet her dependence on Baccarat would cost her countless dollars at only one table sitting. In the late 1980’s, after a high-stakes gorge that cost her no under $45,000, she at last bottomed out. By then, Knight went to Gamblers Anonymous and got the assistance she expected to put a conclusion to her dependence. The Empress of Soul has recently expounded on her dependence on sports wagering. As per her personal history, it was a propensity that kept going 10 years.


Michael Phelps – It would appear that Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps has another most loved side interest other than gathering awards around the pool. It seems like the youthful Olympic jumper is amazingly engrossed with poker and could undoubtedly squander a huge number of dollars without taking note. Phelps, who is one of the most well known Olympians ever, winning an aggregate of 22 decorations, has been playing poker for a considerable length of time.


Ben Affleck – The shocking allegations report that, Academy Award winner, Ben Affleck was associated with one of Tinseltown’s top mystery poker games and lost a $400,000 hand of poker to Ron Meyer, President of Universal Studios. This on-screen character and widely praised movie producer supposedly looked into recovery in 2001 for his betting issues and liquor addictions.


Betting is a kind of dangerous business which one willingly gets into, be it a celebrity or a commoner. While betting wisely can be a tricky thing to do, these mentioned celebrities have proved to bet with all their wit and that is for sure.