Dhanteras 2019
Dhanteras 2019

Dhantrayodashi which is also recognized as Dhanteras is the first day of five days long Diwali festivities. On the day of Dhantrayodashi, Goddess Lakshmi came out of the ocean during the churning of the Milky Sea. Henceforward, Goddess Lakshmi, sideways with Lord Kubera who is the God of wealth, is worshipped on the positive day of Trayodashi. However, Lakshmi Puja on Amavasya after two days of Dhantrayodashi is considered more significant.

Dhanteras 2019
Dhanteras 2021

In what way do people celebrate?

The festival is celebrated as “Lakshmi Puja” is performed in the evenings when tiny diyas of clay are lit to drive away from the shadows of evil spirits. Bhajans, devotional songs in praise of Goddess Lakshmi, are sung and “Naivedya” of traditional sweets is offered to the Goddess. After sunset, people offer puja to the Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh to prosperity, wisdom and well being by offering rose or marigold garland, sweets, ghee diyas, dhoop deep, agarbatti, camphor and etc.

People chant mantras, bhakti songs and arti for Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh. People wear new clothes and jewellery and play a game of gambling.

Date, Time, Muhurat of Dhanteras 2021:

Date, Time, Muhurat of Dhanteras
Date, Time, Muhurat of Dhanteras

Dhanteras Shubh Muhurat
Godhuli Muhurat: 5:05 pm to 5:29 pm
Pradosh kaal: 5:35 pm to 8:14 pm
Abhijeet Muhurat: 11:42 am to 12:26 pm
Dhanteras Muhurat: 6:18 pm to 8:11 pm
Trayodashi Tithi: 11:31 am to 9:02 am (November 3)

Gold Rate

gold rate
gold rate

Wish your near and dear ones a Happy Dhanteras.

  • On this festive day of Dhanteras may the Divine blessings of Goddess Lakshmi bestow on you bountiful fortune. Here’s sending you my good wishes for you.
  • May your life be full of happiness and harmony with enough wealth to give you all comforts you ever wished. Stay blessed. Happy Dhanteras
  • Let’s venerate this festival of Dhanteras by: Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi for wealth; buying utensils to savor tasty meals; investing in silver and gold as jewelry; Light a lamp for impending Diwali; Wearing new clothes and jewelry; Draw Rangoli designs on the pathways including the Goddess’s footprints to mark the arrival of Lakshmi Devi. Happy Dhanteras!
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  • Clean your home, decorate with bright and lovely lamps and lights, and buy new clothes and utensils to welcome Goddess Lakshmi in your home. Happy Dhanteras!
  • Sun glows for a day, Candle for an hour, Matchstick for a minute, but a wish can glow days forever. So here is my wish for a Glowing Dhanteras and a Glowing life!!
  • Adorn our lives else trite – With sparklers that motley skies – As soaring spirits of powder wander – Let us thank the heavenly might in this festive season of lights.

Foods in Dhanteras 2021

Sweets & desserts like Kheer, Kheel Batashe, Ladoos, Burfis are often served on this day as a prasad. Apart from that in Maharashtrian households, they follow a tradition of pounding coriander seeds or ‘Dhane’ with jaggery, which is served as a prasad.


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