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The shape and measurements of your teeth differ, depending on the position in your mouth. This difference helps the teeth to perform several different tasks. Teeth help us digest food and chewing. They allow us to speak and pronounce various sounds. A healthy smile could be a considerable advantage, and it makes sense to offer your teeth as much care as possible because it is so vital.

Dentist tips on teeth and gums cleaning.

Best Dentist in Mohali

Regular Brushing removes plaque and bits of food from the teeth’ internal, external, and biting surfaces.

Here’s one way to remove plaque – discuss the right thing for you with your dental team:

  • Put your head against the teeth of the toothbrush, then tilt the bristle tips against your gumline at a 45 ° angle. Drive the brush several times on all surfaces of each tooth in small circular motions.
  • Brush each tooth, top, and bottom, and keep the bristles angled against the gum.
Best Dentist in Mohali
  • Do this again, except on all the teeth’s internal surfaces.
  • Tip the brush upside down and make several short, circular strokes on the front side of the brush to clean the inner surfaces of your front teeth.

Best Dentist in Mohali

  • Brush your teeth’s biting surfaces.
  • Brush your tongue so that your breath is refreshed and your mouth cleansed by bacteria removal.


Push the last thing at night, and at least another time during the day thoroughly, with a fluoride toothpaste. You can see your Best Dentist in Mohali if you begin to feel pain or frequently bleed after brushing.