Damini Kanwal began as an actor with a theatre group called Drikshravan and performed in a couple of plays directed by Jairoop Jivan … In WHO TUM HI HO, she played a struggling actor who ultimately falls in love with a producer. Being a two-actor play, it gave Damini the stage to explore her potential as an actor.


Damini Kanwal is a multifaceted personality who has accomplished herself as an actor, producer, and director in theatre and on television. Initially, she had been a part of the theatre group Drikshravan which had performed two plays directed by Jairoop Jivan. Later, she joined Om Katare’s group Yatri where she performed in a number of plays of which the most prominent ones are Bhaag Chalein and Woh Tum Hi Ho (which was co-directed by Shekhar Suman). In Bhaag Chalein, she plays the role of an exuberant character who is very energetic and zealous, whereas in Woh Tum Hi Ho, she is a struggling actor who falls in love with a producer.


Damini Kanwal  Shetty and her husband Raaj Shetty partnered for a project on Vision TV with a Canadian firm in Canada. On Indian television, she has appeared on the tele-series Parampara, Ramanand Sagar’s Shree Krishna and Alif Laila, and Bani—Ishq Da Kalma. The serial Bani-Ishq Da Kalma, which deals with women’s issues, has been written and co-produced by Damini and her husband Raaj Shetty. In the serial, she appears in a cameo role of a social worker through which she helps Bani find her NRI husband.


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