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Tech company Google has been making doodles for a long time thanking Corona Fighters. Now in this episode, the company has made another doodle, through which people have appealed to stay in the house till lockdown. Also, the company has said that it is very important to stay home and make social distancing at this time. Let me tell you that due to Kovid-19 in India, there is a lockdown. At the same time, along with the Government of India, the general public is also making a significant contribution in preventing this virus.  Information will be received by clicking on Google Doodle, as soon as users click on this new Google Doodle, they will get hand washing tips related to Corona virus. Apart from this, users will get the latest information related to Corona Virus statistics, Corona Virus Guidelines and Corona Virus. Google’s special doodle


Google has given this doodle as an animation. In this, the word G is reading the book, O is singing the song and the other O is playing the guitar. At the same time, the word G is busy on the phone, L is doing workouts at home and E is talking on the phone. Google’s doodle shows that the Corona virus can be prevented by staying at home.

Lockdown caused by
Corona Virus Keeping in mind the growing effect of Corona Virus, the Government of India locked the entire country, which will end on 3 May. However, given the state of the virus, it seems that the lockdown can be extended further. However, the Indian government has not yet shared official information regarding the lockdown period.

Corona Virus Updates In
India, 681 people have died and 21,393 are infected due to Corona virus at this time. At the same time, 4,258 people have been cured so far.