Corona Virus
corona virus


Are you washing your hands regularly to fight coronavirus? 

Like your hands, you also have to keep the phone disinfected. (Disinfect Your Phone)Here you have been told about some tips to keep your phone regular and why disinfected.

Coronavirus: Millions of people worldwide have been affected by the outbreak of coronavirus. Coronavirus in India more than 165 (Coronavirus In India) positive cases have been reported. Ministry of Health to all citizens coronavirus is said to follow the important things to control the spread (Spread Of Coronavirus). Coronavirus can easily spread from an infected person. It is advisable to take all necessary steps to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. In such a situation, you also need to take some precautions to avoid Coronavirus Prevention. It is very important to maintain hygiene for the virus to spread from one to the other. Handwashing or hand sanitizer simply steps like this can help you fight infection. Your hands touch many surfaces throughout the day. If you touch any surface that has infected droplets, it can make it easier for the virus to enter inside your body. Using handwashing or hand sanitizer can help you kill the virus that may be on your hands.

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corona virus

Coronavirus Tips: Why does mobile need to be disinfected? | Why you need to disinfect your mobile phone?

Your mobile phone remains in your hands for several hours throughout the day. This increases the risk of infection. Holding your mobile phone after touching any surface, in which there is any virus, this virus can come on the phone. To stop this transformation of the virus, you will have to disinfect your mobile phone repeatedly.

Dr. Cole Vijay Dutta explains, “When exposed to people who cough or sneeze, the surface of our mobile phones can become carriers of the virus. If you are using a mobile phone without cleaning the surface, chances are that Virus can infect you. Try to avoid taking out a mobile phone from your pocket or bag in public places. If you have removed the phone for use, make sure you come Wipe it before you can use at home. ”

Other measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus Other Tips To Prevent Coronavirus Spread

The number of coronavirus cases is increasing rapidly, so it is important to follow all prevention steps to fight the virus. According to the World Health Organization –

 Clean your hands regularly and thoroughly with an alcohol-based sanitizer or wash them with soap and water.
 Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter (3 feet) between yourself and people who cough or sneeze.
 Avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth.
– Make sure that you, and the people around you, follow good respiratory hygiene. It means covering your mouth and nose with your elbow or tissue when coughing or sneezing.
 If you feel unwell then stay home. If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, then pay attention to therapy.

(Dr. Deepak Verma, Consultant Internal Medicine, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad)

(Dr. Col. Vijay Dutta, Internal Medicine and Respiratory Medicine, Indian Spinal Injury Center)