covid test at home kit free

New Delhi/Corona test kit (Coviself) at Home: In the midst of the second wave of the corona epidemic, you will no longer have to worry about getting in line for the corona test or waiting for three to four days for the report. In Pune, ‘My Lab’ has developed a corona test kit (Coviself) at home. ICMR has approved this kit. ICMR has also given a new advisory regarding the Corona test kit. The lab director said, “This is a rapid antigen test. You will get the result in 15 minutes.”

Who can investigate?

ICMR said that home testing is only for symptomatic patients. It is also for those who have come in direct contact with the confirmed case in the lab. ICMR has said that if your antigen is test positive then you do not need to get RT-PCR test done. MyLab Discovery Solution Director Sujit Jain said that by the end of next week it will be available with seven lakh pharmacy stores and our online pharmacy partner.

 How to use test kit?

The test kit contains a manual for testing in which the test procedure is explained in detail. A video link has also been provided by ICMR. This will allow the user to see how the procedure will have to be followed for investigation. The kit includes a nose swab and a pre-filled extraction tube and a test card.

What precautions need to be taken?

Without touching the top end of the swab, one has to put 2-3 centimeters in the nose. In both nostrils it has to be rotated five times. After this the swab will have to dip into the tube. Thoroughly swirl the nasal swab in the tube. After this the swab will have to be broken from the break point. Cover the tube and add two drops to the test kit. After this, you will have to wait for 15 minutes for the result. Results after 20 minutes will not be considered correct.

You will have to download the app

People who do home testing will have to draw a test strip picture. The person taking the test will have to take a picture from the same phone on which the mobile app will be downloaded. The data of the mobile phone will be stored directly on the ICMR testing portal. However, patient confidentiality will remain intact. Those who report positive through this test will be considered positive. No other test will be required.

Rules to be positive if

people who are positive will have to follow ICMR and Health Ministry guidelines regarding home isolation. Patients with symptoms who have negative results will have to undergo RTPCR. My Lab Discovery Solution Limited has been authorized for the Home Isolation Testing Kit. It is a Pune-based company. The name of this kit is COVISELF.