CM Siddaramaiah Karnataka Biography, Career, Age, Education, Family, Controversies, Party, And More

Karnataka is in the headlines these days. The reason is the election to be held for the post of CM of Karnataka. Recently Karnataka elections have been completed in which the Congress party got the majority. For the last 4 days, there was a lot of tussle regarding the name of the Chief Minister of Karnataka state. After much deliberation, Siddaramaiah’s name has now been finalized for the post of Chief Minister. Siddaramaiah was the former Chief Minister of Karnataka and was holding the post since 2013.

CM Siddaramaiah Karnataka’s biography

Congress has won the Karnataka elections with a majority. After much deliberation, the name of Siddaramaiah has been finalized as the new Chief Minister of the state. Siddaramaiah is also known as Siddu. He was born on 12 August 1947 in the state of Mysore. He is an Indian politician who has been the former Chief Minister of Karnataka.

He served as the 22nd Chief Minister of the state from 13 May 2013 to 17 May 2018. Siddaramaiah, associated with the Indian National Congress party, has won the 2023 Karnataka Assembly elections by a margin of 119430 votes.CM Siddaramaiah Karnataka Biography, Career, Age, Education, Family, Controversies, Party, And More

Siddaramaiah Personal life

  • Born – 12 August 1947
  • Place of Birth – Siddharaman Hyundai, Mysore (present day Karnataka)
  • Business – Politician
  • Present age – 75 years
  • Political party – Indian National Congress
  • Religion – Hindu
  • Other political affiliations – All India Progressive Janata Dal (2005–2006), Janata Dal (Secular) (1999–2005), Janata Dal (1988 -1999), Janata Party (1984 -1988)
  • Father’s Name – Siddaram Gowda
  • Mother’s Name – Boramma Gowda
  • Wife – Parvati Siddaramaiah
  • Children – Rakesh (Died in 2016), Yatindra (Doctor by profession)

Siddaramaiah’s Education

Belonging to a humble family, Siddaramaiah spent his childhood in poverty. He did his early education at his own village school. According to the information received, he did not have any formal schooling till the age of 10 years. Siddaramaiah did BSC and Bachelor of Law (LLB) from Mysore University.

Siddaramaiah, who has been the 22nd Chief Minister of Karnataka, is the second of five siblings. Siddaramaiah belongs to the Karba Goda community. His father’s name is Siddharam Gowda and his mother’s name is Boramma Gowda. In Mysore, Siddaramaiah was a junior under a lawyer named Chikkaboraiah. After this, Siddaramaiah taught law for some time. His wife’s name is Parvati Siddaramaiah and they have two children Rakesh Siddaramaiah and Yatindra Siddaramaiah.

Political career of Siddaramaiah

  1. In the year 1978, Siddaramaiah worked as a junior advocate.
  2. At the time when he worked as a lawyer, he contested for the Chamundeshwari constituency on a Bharatiya Lok Dal ticket.
  3. He started his political journey in 1978.
  4. He won the 7th Karnataka Legislative Assembly in 1983 as an independent politician from the Chamundeshwari constituency.
  5. After this Siddaramaiah joined the Janata Party and was also made the first president of the Kannada Monitoring Committee (Kannada Kavlu Samiti).
  6. Once again Siddaramaiah won from Chamundeshwari constituency in 1985 with 33725 votes.CM Siddaramaiah Karnataka Biography, Career, Age, Education, Family, Controversies, Party, And More
  7. In 1985, he was made the Minister of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services.
  8. When Ramakrishna Hegde was on the post of Chief Minister, he handled departments like Sericulture, Animal Husbandry and Transport.
  9. In the assembly elections in 1989, he was defeated by Congress leader S. Got defeated by Rajasekhara Murthy.

The political journey from 1992 to 2013

  1. In the year 1992, he was appointed as the General Secretary of Janata Dal.
  2. He was re-elected in the state elections in 1994 and was chosen as the Finance Minister in the Janata Dal government.
  3. In 1996, Siddaramaiah was made the Deputy Chief Minister under Chief Minister JH Patel but was later removed from the post.
  4. He was dropped from the cabinet on 22 July 1999.
  5. Siddaramaiah joined the Janata Dal (Secular) after the split of the Janata Dal.
  6. In 2004, during the alliance of Congress and JDS, he was once again made the Deputy Chief Minister.
  7. He joined the Congress after differences with Deve Gowda.
  8. In 2006 he won the by-election for the Chamundeshwari constituency.
  9. In the 2008 assembly elections, he contested from the Varuna constituency and was re-elected for the fifth time.
  10. In 2013, he was made the leader of the Congress Legislature Party.
  11. He made the Congress win by winning the 2013 assembly elections with a majority.
  12. He won the election from Varuna constituency on 8 May 2013 and was re-elected for the 7th time.
  13. In 2019, by-elections were held for 15 assembly seats out of which Congress could win only 2 seats.
  14. On 9 December 2019, the Leader of the CLP and the Leader of the Opposition in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly resigned.

Siddaramaiah’s tenure in various posts

Position and Party Office Term

  • Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka (Janata Dal) 16 May 1996 – 22 July 1999
  • Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka (Janata Dal-Secular) 28 May 2004 – 5 August 2005
  • Chief Minister of Karnataka (Indian National Congress) 13 May 2013 – 17 May 2018

Other Posts –

  1. In 1994, held the post of Finance Minister of Karnataka.
  2. In 1985, he served as the Minister of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services.
  3. He has also held the post of Minister of Sericulture and Animal Husbandry.
  4. Transport Minister, Higher Education Minister
  5. Congress Working Committee, MemberCM Siddaramaiah Karnataka Biography, Career, Age, Education, Family, Controversies, Party, And More

How much property does Siddaramaiah own?

According to sources, Siddaramaiah owns a total of 51 crore rupees (519388910) in properties in 2023. His wife Parvati Siddaramaiah has movable assets worth Rs 21 crore. Out of movable assets worth 21 crores, Siddaramaiah owns 9 crores and his wife Parvati has assets worth 11 crores. There is an immovable property worth about 30 crores in the name of the husband and wife. Siddaramaiah has gold jewelry worth more than 50 lakhs.

Income Source

His source of income is business. According to an affidavit, Siddaramaiah’s wife prasiddh is the director of ys diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. and partner of BMMN Enterprises & PRY Projects LLP.