Salman Khan’s controversial show ‘Bigg Boss 14’ is about to complete 3 weeks. Makers have already started bringing fierce twists to the show. TV actor Suraj Kakkar has said something about this show that anyone will get into thinking. Suraj Kakkar says that he wants more entertainment in Bigg Boss. Also, he says that he wants Rhea Chakroborty to come in this season. Hearing these things of Suraj Kakkar, many people will be thinking.

Sooraj Kakkar has told Telechakkar, ‘I want more entertainment in this season than the rest of the seasons. We are all at home and during this time we can watch this show. So far this season has been quite entertaining. ‘

Sooraj Kakkar has further said,’ I want to see Riya Chakraborty in this show. If anyone will give him a chance. There is a lot of confusion about her and Sushant’s relationship. A lot of allegations have also been made against him. When you are on a show like Bigg Boss you are under camera surveillance. The camera catches each of your movements and I think you cannot throw for 24 hours. It will be interesting to see and people will know how she is?

talking about Salman Khan Suraj Kakkar has said, ‘There can be no better host for Bigg Boss than Salman Khan. The way they pull the leg of the contestants is fun to watch. Also, whenever contestants do something wrong, Salman explains to them and it is the most beautiful. This gives people a direction. He is the best host for such shows. I don’t think anyone will be able to host this show better than them.