Bigg Boss approached Kavita in previous seasons but she refused to be the part of program , She ultimately got in the Bigg Boss house on Sunday night, 25 th October, with fellow wildcard participants, Naina Singh as well as Shardul Pandit. Prior to entering Bigg Boss 14, Kavita opened on a variety of subject, including the bond she showed to Salman Khan and his family members, her favorite BB candidate from all the previous seasons as well as exactly how her partner Ronit Biswas was the one that prompted her to alter her mind and also do the controversial program.

Opening on her formula with Salman and also his family members in an interview with Hindustan Times, Kavita Kaushik said, “I wouldn’t call it a close relationship, no. Salman and his family including Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Salim (Khan) uncle and also Helen aunty have seen FIR. Salim uncle had invited me over for lunch and also he told me, ‘We actually enjoy your program.’ They have actually been very thoughtful to me by organizing a banquet for me even if they liked the show. I just have that little equation, you may state. I am very glad for this gracious motion that made an easy musician feel like a queen. Besides that, there is no friendship or anything.

Elaborating how her partner urged her to do Bigg Boss 14, Kavita included, “We reviewed it this year and also he likes the show. I am really stiff yet he is a lot more tranquil. I have ended up being a much better person, being with him. I have ended up being calmer and a lot more clear about things. My raw energies were going here and there. He has actually channelized my energy with his love. He informed me that it will certainly be enjoyable. This is the leading program as well as he made me realise that it opens up so many different opportunities. I have been helping 18 years and when you have a career that takes place for as long, you in some cases require a job that provides you another increase as well as develops an excellent buzz for your occupation once more. He explained these points to me. And allow me inform you, like a little child, he is so ecstatic for me to win the trophy. He has actually told me, ‘Please win the trophy. I will certainly do whatever you say, I will present a red carpet for you, I will certainly take you any place you want. I just intend to see you win.’ He comes from a very simple history and also the win will certainly make him the happiest man in the world. I truly want to do this for him as well as naturally, for myself, but it will be the very best day of his life.”

Lastly, highlighting the contestant she has actually truly admired from seasons past, the starlet said, “I think Shehnaaz Gill played really smartly and nicely. She knew that she was captivating as well as she utilized her charm extremely well throughout the program to enter the hearts of the audience. I think we can all learn from her. She has a lot beauty that also after she obtained pulled up by Salman a couple of times, we still ultimately liked her. That game plan of knowing your plus factors is very vital.”