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Barrister Babu Spoiler Alert 20 August 2021 Episode No 348: Colors TV’s famous TV serial ‘Barrister’ There are constant twists and turns in ‘Babu’. In such a situation, the story of serial ‘Barrister Babu’ is becoming more and more interesting. So far you have seen in the serial ‘Barrister Babu’, Bondita (Anchal Sahu) is now angry with Anirudh (Pravisht Mishra). Bondita wanted Anirudh to express his love for her in front of everyone. Anirudh is unable to open his tongue in front of people. In such a situation, Bondita has started feeling that Anirudh has changed. At the same time, Anirudh has also realized his love like Bondita. Anirudh calls and tries to tell this to Bondita. Bondita disconnects Anirudh’s phone. After which Anirudh writes a love letter for Bondita. Bondita burns Anirudh’s letters. Anirudh tries to talk to Bondita at the tailor’s shop but it doesn’t happen. Anirudh is now about to play a new game to profess his love for Bondita. You will see in the serial ‘Barrister Babu Upcoming Episode’, Anirudh will announce in his house that he is going to remarry with Bondita. Anirudh will ask Roy Thakur to prepare for the wedding. Roy Thakur will be surprised to hear this. After which Anirudh will reach the fair to meet Bondita. In the fair, Anirudh will sit in Bondita’s swing. During this, Anirudh will promise Bondita that he will never leave her hand. Anirudh will try to profess love in front of Bondita. Bondita will suddenly silence Anirudh. Meanwhile, Chandrachud will see Anirudh and Bondita together.Watch serial ‘Barrister Babu’ promo- Chandrachud’s blood will boil after seeing both of them together. Chandrachud will plan to kill Anirudh. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see what difficulties Anirudh will face before marriage.