Key Notes:

  • Tea contains anti-oxidants.
  • Tea is considered good for immunity.
  • Sour things should not be eaten with tea.
Dangerous Combination With Tea: Most people start their day with a cup of tea. Whether to eradicate the tiredness of the day or to make yourself feel fresh, a cup of tea does both the work in a better way. Tea lovers need an excuse to drink tea. Some people are unable to start the day without drinking it. Without it, some people start feeling headaches and tiredness. Many people also believe that by drinking tea, energy remains in the body. The anti-oxidants present in tea are also believed to be helpful in keeping the immune system correct. Not only this, fluoride is found in tea which can help to strengthen bones and also prevent worm in teeth. Many people like some snacks with tea. But do you know that there are some things that drinking with tea can harm your health. So let us tell you about some similar things that should not be consumed with tea.

Do not consume these things with tea (Do Not Consume These Things With Tea)

1. Things made with turmeric:

Turmeric is considered to be beneficial for health, but such things, which are high in turmeric, should not be consumed with tea. The chemical elements present in tea and turmeric can damage the digestive system by doing chemical activity in the stomach.


Turmeric is considered beneficial to health Credit: iStock

2. Sour things:

Many people consume sour things while drinking tea, but do not forget to consume such a thing with tea, in which the quantity of lemon is more, because it can cause acidity, digestive problems.

3. Cold Things:

Do not consume cold things immediately after drinking tea or with tea. Drinking water immediately after drinking tea can have a bad effect on the digestive system. This can cause acidity or stomach problems.

4. Sprouted grains:

Sprouted grains are considered very beneficial for health. Taking raw things like salad or sprouted grains with tea can also cause harm. Tea flavor is hot and lettuce in salad salad, both can be harmful for health.

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