TV’s well-known actress Avika Gaur has surprised everyone with her transformation on social media some time ago. At the same time, she is in tremendous headlines due to the rumors of a linkup with her co-star Manish Raisinghan. Recently, Avika herself has reacted to these rumours. During this, he told that at one time there were rumors about him and Manish’s secret child too. Avika has expressed the truth by calling such news absolutely nonsense.

‘We have kept children hidden…’

Avika Gaur told that both before such rumours They got very upset and decided to distance themselves from each other. At the same time, because of this, both of them did not talk to each other for almost two weeks. Talking to RJ Siddharth Khanna, Avika Gaur said on rumors of affair with Manish Raisinghan- ‘It is not possible! can not happen! There were two such articles that we children have kept hidden. We are both very close, even today she has a different place in my life. YEARS AGE TO NOW Till he is my closest friend’.

‘Slightly younger than my father’

He further said- ‘I told him Learned a lot. He is 18 years older than me. When I saw how he keeps his inner child alive, I found it worth learning. Even today people ask what is going on between us, so I say that man is just a little younger than my father’.

earlier used to disturb the news

Avika says that ‘Earlier we used to get very upset with these rumors and did not talk to each other for weeks’. But when new reports surfaced, Avika and Manish decided that there is no point in keeping distance from each other. Since then both of them never looked back, now both of them laugh a lot after reading old news story.