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Regarding the acting career of TV actress Anita Hasanandani, it was being claimed for the last several days that she is leaving acting forever. There was a discussion in the media report that she is going to leave acting for her son’s upbringing and family. Now the actress has given her reaction on this matter. Talking to Hindustan Times, Anita Hassanandani said that she has been misinterpreted in one of her interviews when she wants to return to work. He also said that whenever he is there, it will be very bang.

now Anita Enjoying my motherhood

Anita and her husband Rohit Reddy became parents in February this year. Anita gave birth to her son Aarav in February. These days Anita is enjoying her motherhood, whose glimpses are seen through social media every day.

Fans sent screenshot to Anita

In further conversation, Anita says on the matter of leaving acting career, ‘I got a lot of screenshots of fans, in which it was written Was, “Oh my god you are giving up acting”. Although I have clearly stated that it is not so. Still, I cannot give any exact information about when I will be back in the TV or film industry. At present, Aarav (son) is my priority. When I am ready, I will start work.”

Anita further says that she never said that she is leaving the industry. However, whatever I said about this is my baby right now. Earlier I had talked about break and not quitting.

Anita Hassanandani’s friends also got a call on the rumours

40 year old Anita Hassanandani says that after these rumours, her friends also called and asked me why I did not tell them about this. However, I told him the same thing that my priority right now is my son. She categorically adds, “Acting is my first love, I didn’t want people to think ‘end’ for me. This is my second innings after becoming a mother. That doesn’t mean I should give up. ”

Anita will return with a bang

Anita further promises that she will be back with a bang, Hasanandani insists that the current situation due to the pandemic will take some time as it is also important to stay safe.

Anita, who is afraid of the corona period, is more concerned about the safety of her son. She says about this in conversation, anyway I think the work is a little less. Keeping this in mind, I have to be very careful with Aarav while stepping out. I hope the vaccine will be available for children soon. This is one of the very important reasons. Instead of worrying about my son during work, I am taking a break.

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