aircraft carrier
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Aircraft carriers are not only large warships but also a symbol of honor, honor, pride, and power for any country’s navy. After their entry, such ships have undergone significant changes in the defense system of many nations. These giant aircraft carriers are also known as floating air bases, with flying decks. It is capable of taking off, arming, deploying, and re-route aircraft.

According to, there are a total of 41 active aircraft carriers currently in operation from 13 navies around the world. Of these, the US Navy has the most 11 aircraft carriers in service, and the navies of China and the United Kingdom (UK) operate two aircraft carriers. India, France, Russia, and Italy currently operate one such aircraft carrier (however, India is scheduled to launch its indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant in 2022). Countries such as Japan (four), France (three), Australia (two), Egypt (two), Brazil (one), South Korea (one), and Thailand (one) operate a total of 14 small carriers, which only carry helicopters. are capable of.

1-USS Gerald R Ford Class

The USS Gerald R Ford Class (USS Gerald R Ford Class: CVN-78) is the largest aircraft carrier in the world. It belongs to the US Navy’s Gerald R Ford class battleships. The first carrier of this class was commissioned in May 2017, USS Gerald R Ford. The 337-meter-long aircraft carrier is currently in service and has a beam of 748 meters. It can carry 4,539 personnel along with about 75 aircraft. Its displacement after the load is up to 100,000 tons.


America’s Nimitz Class (USA) nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is the second largest aircraft carrier in the world. These include all the important features that a battleship should have. Named after Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, the US Parish Fleet Commander Fleet in World War II, the first ship of the carrier was launched in May 1976, while the 10th and last ship of the course were commissioned in 2009. 332.8 long and with a load displacement of up to 97,000, these aircraft carriers have a flight deck of 4.5 acres and can accommodate 60 aircraft. Not only this, 3000 to 3200 ship units, 1500 air wings, and 500 other crew can also come comfortably on it.

3- Queen Elizabeth class

The Queen Elizabeth Class, UK, the largest aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy of Britain, is the third largest aircraft carrier in the world. Of the Royal Navy’s two Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth was commissioned in 2017, while MHS Prince of Wales was commissioned in December 2019, and launched in December 2017. With a length of 280 meters and a displacement of 65,000 tonnes, the aircraft carrier can hold 40 rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. Not only this, 36 F-35B and four Merlin choppers can also come on it.

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4- Liaoning

The Type 001 aircraft carrier Liaoning (Liaoning, China) of China’s Navy PLAN (People’s Liberation Army Navy: PLAN) is the fourth largest aircraft carrier in the world. It was initially planned that these would be the second Kuznetsov class aircraft for the Soviet Navy, but these ships were later bought by China. 304.5 m long and 75 m beam, the displacement of these aircraft carriers is 58,000 tonnes, while they can accommodate 50 aircraft (helicopters with fixed plane wings).

5- Shandong

China’s second aircraft carrier Shandong was launched on 26 April 2017. Like Liaoning, this is also China’s first indigenous carrier. Both carriers are similar in size and use the STOBAR (Short Take-Off But Arrested Recovery) system to launch and recover the aircraft. The 305-meter-long and 75-meter decks of these carriers can accommodate 44 aircraft, with a total displacement of up to 70,000 tonnes.

aircraft carrier