Fukra Insaan, a well-known Indian YouTuber, gamer, and vocalist, makes funny videos for YouTube. Abhishek Malhan is the true name of YouTuber Fukra Insaan. Malhan rose to prominence through his YouTube channel Fukra Insaan, which has 6.01 million subscribers and features amusing content such as challenges, pranks, and response videos.

Early Life and Background

Abhishek Malhan, famously recognized by his online alias “Fukra Insaan,” was born in Pitampura, Delhi on 24 May, 1997. He spent his formative years in Pitampura, where he developed a passion for entertainment and storytelling. His charismatic personality and innate talent for engaging with others became evident from a young age.


Despite hailing from a family of YouTubers, his father is a businessman. His father is an entrepreneur named Vinay Malhan, and his mother is Dimple Malhan. Prerna and Nishchay Malhan are his sister and brother, respectively. His mother, brother, and sister are also well-known YouTubers.

His mother’s channel is “Dimple’s Kitchen,” while his brother’s channel is “Triggered Insaan.” Abhishek Malhan is presently single because he has not disclosed any of his previous partnerships.

The Journey to Online Stardom

Fukra Insaan embarked on his online journey by creating content that resonated with a wide audience. His relatable skits, humorous videos, and insightful commentary quickly caught the attention of viewers. Leveraging various social media platforms, he began to amass a loyal following that appreciated his unique blend of humor and thought-provoking content.

Rise to Fame

Abhishek is a full-time YouTuber who started his channel in 2019. Across all of his videos, he has gotten over 60 million views. He is also a business owner, rapper, and vocalist. Abhishek’s first YouTube channel is called Fukra Insaan, and his second is called Fukra Insan Live. This resonated with his audience and contributed significantly to his rising popularity.

Multifaceted Talent

Beyond his online presence, Abhishek Malhan has also demonstrated his multifaceted talent in various other areas. He is an accomplished gamer and musician, showcasing his versatility and dedication to his craft. This diverse range of abilities has further endeared him to his followers, who appreciate his authenticity and passion.

Personal Life and Relationships

While Fukra Insaan’s online persona is well-known, his personal life has also garnered attention. His relationship status has been a topic of curiosity among his fans. As of now he acclaimed himself single and there’s no linkup rumors about him.

Big Boss Appearance

One of the most notable milestones in Fukra Insaan’s journey was his participation in the reality show “Big Boss OTT 2.” His entry into the show garnered excitement among his fans. Throughout his time on the show, he showcased his authentic self, endearing himself to both fellow contestants and the audience. In the Bigg Boss house, he formed close bonds with his co-contestants, but his greatest friends are Manisha Rani, whom he met only through the show, and Elvish Yadav, a fellow Youtuber and buddy from outside the Bigg Boss house. His stint on “Big Boss OTT 2” served as a platform to further showcase his personality and reach an even wider audience.


In this in-depth exploration of Abhishek Malhan’s life and journey as Fukra Insaan, we’ve uncovered the various facts that make him a beloved figure in the digital realm. From his early life to his rise to stardom, his personal relationships, and his impactful presence on platforms like “Big Boss OTT 2,” Fukra Insaan’s story is one of resilience, authenticity, and unwavering dedication to his craft.