Mumbai: Covid in Maharashtra on Monday -K6,64 New cases were reported which is the lowest number of new cases reported in a day during the last four months. With this, the total cases of infection in the state increased 59,79, have happened. During this, the number of dead due to the epidemic 94 and the death of patients increased to 1,06,313 Has occurred.

According to the statement issued by the health department of the state them) 6,218 new cases of infection were reported on February and since then The least number of cases have been reported today.

The record number of vaccinations on Monday was joyful: PM Modi

past 480 in Hours , 758 Due to the infection-free patients, this deadly virus has been defeated in the state. Number of donors increased 57,33,19 Has occurred. Under treatment of Covid -19 in the state Number of Patients 1,24,398 and the recovery rate of patients is now 23.64 percent, while the mortality rate is 1.98 is the percentage.

Record of corona vaccination in Madhya Pradesh, in one day 15 More than lakh people vaccinated

According to the statement, Covid in the capital Mumbai- 518 new cases were reported and seven more patients died, due to which the total cases of infection in the metropolis increased to 7,15,531 and the death toll increased 06,305 happened.