Being too emotional

Okay we understand how exciting it might be to finally get the number of the girl you have been stalking at all this while, and finally able to chat with her. But if you do anything silly in this excitement, you might be losing this hard earned opportunity in vain.

We know it is quite natural for boys to do certain things, but it might just be too unacceptable for the girls! So you really need to know what not to say to her.

5 things that you must avoid while chatting with a girl, if you do not want to lose her, are below.

  1. One Word responses!

Responses like a “K” after a long thoughtful text from a girl can instantly set her off and she might not consider having long conversations with you again because a “K” just seems that you are disinterested. Even if you have to answer with that, instead write OKAY. Yes the full 4 letter word!

oneword text sms pic

  1. Being too emotional

Okay agreed girls are themselves very emotional, but that does not suit boys, sorry to say. Every girl would assume herself to be the emotional one, and not expect the boy to throw emotional tantrums or behave like a sensitive lamb. So listen to her emotions, cater to those, but to not do an overload of your emotions

Being too emotional

  1. Delayed responses every time

Instant replies every time might not be possible, and in fact not even suggestible, but then if every time you make her wait for half a day, she would soon give off her talks with you. Girls are too impatient when it comes to getting a reply for what they ask.

Delayed responses every time

  1. Getting irritatingly close

Asking thrice every day questions like “Did you have your meal?”, “How are you feeling?”, could be really irritating. Of course they have their meals; they obviously have survived till now on meals only. You do not have to remind her that it is lunch time or dinner time every day. Talk sensible things, not just anything just to keep the conversation going.

Getting irritatingly close

  1. Sexually demanding

Never hurry with a girl when it comes to bold talks. Especially if you have just started chatting with her. Girls take their own time. You could badly ruin everything if you rush things without her consent.

Sexually demanding

Just keep these few points in mind and it isn’t that it is going to be that difficult. And you do not even have to worry about too much money going into messaging for free sms refer So get going!