Signs that he is falling for you?

It is a little complicated to understand ‘Guys’ in general, especially when they are of shy behavior. Are you someone who is wondering about whether that guy likes you or not? If yes, these are five telltale signs that a guy surely is into you:

  1. He takes out ‘Extra’ Time for you: Generally, it is the girls who are into ‘Talking’ more than the guys are. However, if a guy is taking out time, especially to chat with you or talk to you, then Congratulations girl, this is the green signal you had been waiting for.

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  1. He will tell you words like, ‘I Miss You’ or ‘You are Mine’ often: Listen, girl, for a guy to express his feeling towards you is a little hard. But a guy who adores you or likes you will just say it. You know why? Because if he tells you all this often, be sure he is into you.


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  1. He is into Subtle PDA: Here we are not talking about make out in public, NO that is not PDA. But lately, if you have noticed him resting his hands on your shoulder or grabbing your waist, then it’s time for you to take a step further.


  1. He remembers minute Details: Guys are funny creatures who do not remember much except their next football match timings. But if a guy remembers all the little things about you, then he undoubtedly likes you. WAIT, not just like but likes you way too much.

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  1. He is your most prominent critic: Guys love pulling legs of their friends. A guy will only tease a girl if she is special to him and if he is into her thoroughly. Remember when you were in Kindergarten, and a guy pulled your hair? He was trying to grab your attention. This is what guys do if they like you.


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