5 Places to have Best Butter Chicken in Delhi
5 Places to have Best Butter Chicken in Delhi

5 Places to have Best Butter Chicken in Delhi

Reached Delhi for the first time? All you have heard your entire life is that Delhi is famous for its eating joints. And this statement holds to the core. If you are a non-vegetarian then you must be on a search for funding for the best butter chicken in Delhi! From the stories of its innovation in Pakistan to the varieties in the recipes by various chefs and their culinary skills will prove the best in giving you that authentic taste of butter chicken only in Delhi.

While it is eaten everywhere, Delhi is the undisputed place where there is butter chicken. And keeping in mind that each café deserving at least moderate respect makes butter chicken in Delhi, some are legends.

Delhiites are pleased with two cooking styles – road food and Mughlai food. One of the most cherished dishes from the Mughlai food is Butter Chicken, and fortunately, something like one café on pretty much every road in Delhi can connect you with a bowl of margarine chicken.

Here are some best restaurants and dhabas that will serve you the best Mughlai butter chicken that you would have tasted.


  1. Gulati Pandara Road

Famous restaurant that has achieved it’s name in creating some extremely yummy non-vegetarian dishes is Gulati Restaurant on Pandara Road in Delhi. Gulati restaurant is known for the Best Butter Chicken in delhi, which has won five awards over the years. The buttery and creamy texture of boneless chicken that melts in your mouth just like butter, is worth tasting.

  1. Lazeez Affair

With a sufficiently bright vibe and tasteful stylistic layout, Lazeez Affaire figures out how to give food that is pretty much as great as the café looks. Their butter chicken is truly outstanding in the city.

  1. Moti Mahal

Moti Mahal is one of the best restaurants that serve you authentic butter chicken – the Mughlai style. Renowned for its simple yet delectable arrangements, Moti Mahal has been at the highest point of the Mughlai food business for some time now.

  1. Have more

Have more is a notorious eatery that has now become inseparable from Delhi’s best Butter Chicken. Numerous superstars are normal clients of Have more making it super-famous and #1 of Delhites. Laid out in 1959, the café’s Butter Chicken has accomplished an unbelievable status that is appreciated by individuals of all ages.

  1. Ikk Punjab

IkkPunjab has been the winner of the Times Food and Nightlife Award (threefold) and has resumed its feast in, conveyance and important point offices. IkkPanjab is renowned for its honor-winning Butter Chicken and dishes from pre-parcel Punjab like Gosht Beltram.

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