5 Perfect Menu Ideas For Your Wedding Buffet
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5 Perfect Menu Ideas For Your Wedding Buffet

One of the essential parts of the wedding in India is always food, which is worth mentioning. A wedding without food is just undone as 80% of the guest would not even attend it, and those 20% will be just close family members. Important that the food you arrange for the wedding is tasty. Don’t forget to add the best biryani in Delhi from Gulati as it is tasty and perfectly made.

Some of the best menu ideas for your wedding buffet are as follows


If you are getting married in the summers, you should have a beverage in your buffet. It will keep your guests cool so that you can add some refreshing drinks to the wedding menu like Golla cold coffee and nimbu paani, besides watermelon juice, mixed fruit juice, and orange juice.

5 Perfect Menu Ideas For Your Wedding Buffet
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Indian chart

Indian chart makes a great starter in the wedding. A wedding without the Indian chart is surely bland so you can add some items to the wedding buffet like mini samosa Dahi Puri Mumbai ragda patties dhokla paani puri, and others.

Soups as a course recipe

A wedding without soup will undoubtedly look incomplete. You can add cream of tomato soup, drumstick soup, herbal soap, lemon and coriander soup, bottle garden onion soup palak shorba or spinach soup, and hotels are soup.

5 Perfect Menu Ideas For Your Wedding Buffet
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Course recipes such as dry veggies

Food without delicious veggies will be challenging to eat, and you can serve the best biryani in Delhi. You can add paneer capsicum masala, paneer methi malai, stuffed bhindi, veg Makhan Wala, paneer makhana, baby corn capsicum, veg jalfrezi, Shahi paneer, Kadai paneer,  jeera aloo, aloo baingan paneer achari, mutter paneer, paneer korma, Karakuri bhindi, gobi aloo mutter, Chennai chops vegetable bhel, bhindi masala, and stuffed baingan.


The wedding menu is incomplete without rice because everybody likes to end their mail with rice so that you can add vegetables Pulao mutter pulao veg biryani Khan capsicum pulao jodhpurs Kabuli pulao jeera pulao zafrani pulao, etc.

5 Perfect Menu Ideas For Your Wedding Buffet
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Gulati offers the best biryani in Delhi, so you can add it to the wedding buffet and make your guests happy. If you are wondering how, you can narrow down the options for the wedding buffet, then you should connect with the best caterers and choose the menu. You have to pull ideas from all the family members and ask them to join you for some testing, and you can have a gala night together. Generally, a menu consists of a few appetizers, some entry options, and a dessert option. You don’t have to follow a perfect menu. You can have a cocktail-style reception also.