5 Famous Gambling Stories

Be it Bollywood or Hollywood, stars love to spend their money in all possible ways. It’s a typical thing for celebrities to purchase different things frequently, from vehicles to lan d, to different properties. This habit of investing money also includes betting and gambling. Nonetheless, after the advent of the internet, not just celebrities but you too can frequently play online jackpot games in India. There are certain celebrities who wager away their salary at casinos and poker joints on such frequent basis that the whole world gets to know. There is a huge list of celebrities who have purportedly been betting, including Ben Affleck, Charlie Sheen, and Tobey Maguire. Femaleswho are prominent in this industry include Shannon Elizabeth, who is also a poker ace.

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There are a couple of superstars and celebrities known for achieving good fortune, almost making gambling their livelihood. Most big shots love earning money to fulfill their diverse rich needs, and wagering happens to help them in doing that. There are many big names that love turning the roulette wheel or put their bet on the poker table. But these celebrities also sometimes get involved in scandalous, yet famous stories due to their betting events! Here are 5 famous celebrities with unforgettable gambling stories:

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was known to Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan, both of whom are celebrities who benefit as much as possible from gambling and perhaps, that is where Woods’ own special betting habits developed. Woods’ story travels through a whole transformation in his lifestyle wherein he became a common visitor at transformed Mansion, a club for superstars at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Woods was given a 1 million dollar betting break point. Thereafter, he regularly played blackjack at $25,000 a hand. Rumor has it that Woods continuously requests his table to be stacked up with, “hot” women.

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Tobey Maguire

Interestingly enough, 36-year-old Maguire has practiced a lot of gambling very transparently. Although, it is known to all that this habit can take a toll on everyone, even celebrities. In 2011, the Spiderman star was one of a couple of well known celebrities sued for partaking in some multi-million dollar unlawful gambling practice. According to the suit, Maguire won more than $300,000.00 worth of unlawful money. Maguire is also an incredibly talented Texas Hold’Em player, and won $300,000 at puzzle poker games in New York.

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Gladys Knight

Known as the ‘Sovereign of Soul’ vocalist Gladys Knight has been known for her multi-year betting propensity with baccarat and sports betting. On a very brighter side throughout her career, she always declined indulging into the universe of drugs and alcohol, but she enjoyed gambling thoroughly. In the late 1980’s, after a high-stakes gorge that cost her no under $45,000, she finally flushed out. By that point, Knight went to ‘Gamblers Anonymous’ to get the help she expected to put an end to her years long gambling practices. The Empress of Soul has as of late talked about her regular habit of indulging in sports betting and how it took her a lot of time and patience to get out of the regular habit of gambling. According to her, this journey she was a part of went on for 10 long years.

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Michael Phelps

The universally acclaimed Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps has another well known intriguing side other than investing most of his time in and around the pool. It appears as though the energetic Olympic athlete is incredibly indulged in poker and could without a doubt waste countless dollars in gambling on a regular basis. Phelps, who is one of the most outstanding Olympians on a regular basis, winning a total of 22 awards, has been playing poker for an impressive time allotment. A very interesting and well known story which talks a lot about Phelps’ daily routine is the very frequent visits to casinos and gambling clubs. Although, he is one of those gamblers who did not get included in scandals, but something we know for sure is that he enjoys poker more than any other game.

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Ben Affleck

There are reports that claim, Academy Award winner, Ben Affleck was related with one of Tinseltown’s top secret poker games and lost a $400,000 hand of poker to Ron Meyer, President of Universal Studios. This on-screen character and generally adulated filmmaker apparently had to go through recuperation in 2001 for his gambling issues and alcohol addictions. Who thought that our very own Batman from Gotham also had affinity towards things other than the world famous Bat mobile!

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All these stories about celebrities and their gambling habits seem to be more intriguing than scandalous. It talks loudly about how celebrities also indulge in things which any common man could.