2022 Krishna Janmashtami
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Krishna Janmashtami is the main festival of Hindus. On the occasion of Janmashtami, we celebrate Lord Krishna’s Birthday. According to the belief of Hinduism, Krishna is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The most enthusiasm for Krishna’s birth is seen in Vrindavan and Mathura because according to Hindu beliefs, Krishna was born in Mathura and spent his childhood in Vrindavan. Gokul Ashtami is also celebrated with this festival.

2022 Krishna Janmashtami
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When is Krishna Janmashtami?

The differences regarding the dates on Rakshabandhan were not over yet once again the dates of different Panchang are being told differently regarding Krishna Janmashtami. Lord Krishna was born at midnight in Rohini Nakshatra on the Ashtami of Bhadrapada Krishna Paksha but this time is for two days. This year Ashtami will start on Thursday 18th of August night, some people will worship on the 18th. At the same time, according to the scriptures, the Udaya date is considered universal in Hinduism, so on August 19, Janmashtami will have fasted.

2022 Krishna Janmashtami
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Auspicious time of Krishna Janmashtami Pooja:

This year i.e. on Krishna Janmashtami 2022, two auspicious yogas named Vridhi and Dhruva are being formed. Due to these auspicious yogas, the importance of this day has also increased. It is believed that worshiping Bal Gopal in Vriddhi Yoga increases happiness and prosperity. Know the timing of Vriddhi Yoga and Dhruva Yoga-

  • Vriddhi Yog starts: 17th August 2022 from 08.56 pm
  • Vriddhi Yoga ends: 18th August till 08.41 pm
  • Dhruva Yoga starts: 18th August 2022 at 08.41 pm
  • Dhruva Yoga ends: 19th August till 08.59 pm

Janmashtami Puja Vidhi:

  • On Janmashtami, Lord Krishna’s child form i.e. Laddu Gopal is worshipped.
  • First of all anoint Laddu Gopal with milk, curd, honey, and water.
  • Now sit the BalGopal form of Shri Krishna in the Jhoola and swing.
  • Offer butter, Mishri, laddus, coriander panjiri, and other sweets to the Lord.
  • After 12 o’clock at night, offer special worship to Lord Shri Krishna.
  • After the worship is done, perform the aarti of Laddu Gopal.

Krishna Janmashtami 2022

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