happy navratri wishes

Navratri 2020 April date

Chaitra Navratri 2020 in India began on
Wednesday, 25 March and ended on
Friday,3 April

Chaitra Navratri Puja Vidhi

Set up the altar, spread the red cloth on it, and place the picture of Maa Durga. In a few plates, spread all the puja items.  Place the clay pot with soil and drinking water and put the barley seeds. Fill the Kalash with Gangal jal or clean drinking water. Place the bunch of mango leaves. Wrap the coconut the red cloth and tie moil around it. Pray all the gods who is fixed in the place of worship.

Perform Maa Durga arati with camphor flame. If you prefer, you can do the fasting over the nine days of Navratri. The specific food can eat once in a day in the evening. The nine day fast is called as Saagaar.

On the eighth and ninth days, the same ordinary puja is repeated. Invite small girls in a group for food at your home. When they enter the house, wash their feet with water and offer them a comfortable seat inside the home. Serve them with some delicious food and items that they will love to eat. After the finish eating, put Tilak on their forehead and present them with nice gifts.

After the nine days puja is over, the visarjan is done on the tenth day. Thank Maa Durga for visiting your home. Remove the picture or idol of Maa Durga from the altar and place it back in the original permanent place.

Happy Navratri 2020 Wishes

happy navratri wishes happy navratri wishes

Navratri Aarti