Gym is undoubted place for embarrassing moments. When they occur just laugh it off and concentrate on your workout.

1. Passing gas

Farting can happen anywhere, even at the gym!

crazy gym

2. Falling off the treadmill

One second of distraction can hurt really hard


3. Doing the wrong exercise on a particular machine

There is nothing more embarrassing than walking to a machine and pressing the wrong buttons.


4. Experiencing a wardrobe malfunction

If everyone is looking at you, check your zipper or make sure your yoga pants don’t have a hole somewhere.


5. Checking your self out too much on the mirror

If you like to flex in front of the mirror after each set, keep in mind that you are not the only one looking the mirror, so make sure to first pump those pecs.

funny gym exercises

6. Throwing up

Sometimes pushing yourself will take you straight to the bathroom.


7. Lifting more than you can

Have you ever been stuck in between the set and screamed for support? Avoid the chance of getting injured and get a spotter.


8. Sweating from embarrassing places

Some sweat stains are very visible, especially the ones in embarrassing places. Keep in mind that you are meant to sweat after a good workout.

gym workout tips

9. Realizing you have no coordination

There is always one person with two left feet in the workout dancing class.

gym crazy pics dancing

10. Dropping weights very loudly

Some people create loud “ding” that caught the whole gym’s attention while dropping weights.

gym weight lifting funny pics

11.Getting caught checking someone out

Gyms are full of mirrors. Be alert, someone is watching you.


12. Equipment fails

It’s not always our mistake but sometimes weights are not properly mounted and the result can be embarrassing.